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Addiction Rehabilitation

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a combined $276 billion was spent or lost in 2005 on health care, lost productivity, premature death, crime and auto accidents relating to alcohol and drug abuse. Cognitive-Behavioral Music Therapy (CBMT) decreases anxiety, and develops community while fostering healthy peer and therapist-patient relationships. Techniques focus on increasing group cohesion and tension release, enhancing creative expression, and encouraging positive coping skills. It is a welcomed addition to any treatment program.

Why use music?  Clients trust it… even when they may not trust their treatment team yet.

Music therapy is ‘play-based;’ we don’t work music, we play it.  This creates a level of FUN to the client’s treatment.  When compared to other treatment modalities which occur as ‘work,’ clients look forward to music therapy.

“Having music therapy as a service for our clients brings a different approach to our common goal of helping client’s find life outside of addiction.  Music therapy is unique and is an evidenced based practice that helps clients achieve their treatment goals.  Our clients are devoted to music therapy and are often requesting additional sessions each week.  I would recommend music therapy to any organization as it can serve as an integral part of their treatment approach.”  – Jacqueline Hoagland, Clinical Director, Oceanfront Recovery

To learn about how to implement a new, fun dimension of healing to your recovery program, contact us.